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Where every quilt is treated with love and respect as if it was my own!


It turns out that I have two quilting loves, making t-shirt quilts and long-arm quilting.

T-shirt Quilts

Last summer I took a t-shirt quilt class, and fell in love with it!  I had always resisted doing this, because I didn't want to lose the joy sewing has for me.  But it didn't!!!  

I enjoy creating fun T-Shirt quilts out of your old t-shirts from high school, college or even baby clothes! See my t-shirt quilt page here for more details!!

Long Arm Quilting

The quilting services I provide are exclusively digital edge-to-edge designs. This means that the quilting will be uniform across the quilt top and not area-specific. 

I love working with people and their quilts.  Each quilt is a labor of love and my goal is to treat your quilt with as much respect as if you were completing it yourself! 

What kind of quilting design would you like?

Take a look at the available designs I have available here.

Not sure where to start?

I would love to help you!   When you book your quilt with me, you have the option to choose the design from one I currently have, or find one that you think will match your quilt better!  You will also be able to choose your thread color. 

Go forth and search!

For additional options, search any of these websites below. If you find a pantograph that I don't own, I'm happy to buy it for your project. Search the terms pantograph or edge-to-edge (E2E) to find the right type of designs.

Urban Elementz
Intelligent Quilting
Longarm League

Or take inspiration from other projects I've done:

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