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Friday Feature - Euphoria Pantograph

One of the things that I love about quilting for clients is that they force me out of my comfort zone. There are a few pantographs that I just love, and use over and over. Rather that just have the pictures of the patterns in the Available Designs section (which I'm very behind on adding to) I am going to focus on one pantograph each week. This will help me to stretch my long-arm quilting legs and use new designs. Welcome to the first "Friday Feature".

This is the third quilt of Andrea's that I have helped her with. Andrea used a pattern by Penelope Handmade, Imogene which I have linked here. This pattern has a lot of straight lines and sharp edges, so Andrea wanted to add some movement and requested the Euphoria pattern which I purchased at Urban Elementz.

While this is a beautiful pantograph, designed by Patricia E. Ritter, it is definitely out of my comfort zone. It is a very dense pattern. There is a lot of flow to the pattern, which is what Andrea wanted to add to her quilt.

Andrea is amazing, and trusts me with her tops giving me free rein on the sizing. Since this will be a cuddle quilt for her sister, I didn't want to use the printed pantograph size. I usually go to the printed pantograph for guidance in where to start. I sent some proofs with the design at nine inches tall and at twelve inches tall. This would have put those lines between half and three quarters of an inch apart. That would make for a very stiff quilt. Andrea said she would trust my judgement, and off I went.

I sent Andrea this picture to see what she thought ... the lines are mostly at least one inch apart. I ended up making the height just over 15 inches tall. And it turned out PERFECT!! And Andrea approved it! (At this point, if Andrea didn't like it, I could still take it out.)

I love the texture that this pantograph created! I used Glide 40 wt in white on the front, and Glide 60 wt in white on the back.

Look at that movement!! And while I am not a huge fan of orange, this color bundle from Midlife Quilter is fantastic! When I sent Andrea this picture, I had to tease her a little bit ... I calmly informed her that this quilt was too beautiful, and I wasn't giving it back! Thankfully, Andrea has a sense of humor, and the quilt was delivered a couple hours later :)

But honestly, can you blame me? This quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!

Like I said, this pantograph is way out of my normal zone, but I will definitely highlight it in the designs on my site. I love it!

Sorry (but not really) for the picture overload, but LOOK AT THIS TEXTURE!! Andrea did an amazing job piecing this quilt, and I am honored she trusted me to do the quilting and binding.

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