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Jill's Christmas Trees

I was so excited to receive a call from Jill asking if I had the bandwidth to help her out with a couple of table runners. Of course I could! But, we needed a quick turn around on these. Jill decided to use her table runners as wall hangings, and also use a couple as gifts! And as always, Jill’s work made quilting these easy, which was great as we were on a short timeline.

Jill chose Christmas Doodles – Trees for the pantograph. (Purchased from my favorite place for digital downloads, Urban Elementz.). I used Glide’s 40 wt Mossy thread for both the front and back of the quilt. As always, my Quilt Path computerized quilting system allows me to create such beautiful quilts for my client.

There were three Christmas trees in total. One large one for her family, and the other two were gifts. Jill decided to turn these table runners into Advent Calendars. Because Jill needed to get these into the mail quickly, I also provided Jill's quilts with the full binding service. The binding was attached to the back and machine sewn down on the front.

Jill used buttons as hangers for ornaments she made specific to the person receiving the gift. After all, what Christmas tree doesn’t need ornaments!

All of our parents wish their kids would call and check in more. I know that we do with our two older kids. Jill’s mother is no different. Jill made the Advent Calendar as a communication tool for her mom and Jill made a deal with her siblings, nieces and nephews, and her children. Each day had a small ornament with a picture of a family member. Mom/Grandma is supposed to call one person per day of December and if Mom/Grandma calls them, they are supposed to answer or call back quickly, no matter what! This will make Jill’s mom feel better about knowing what is going on in her family’s life.

My Mom will tend to not call because she thinks we are too busy, otherwise we would call. So when I shared this with my Mom, she thought it was the PERFECT present! Great job, Jill!

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