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How many t-shirts do I need?

The size quilt you receive is determined by the number of shirts you send.  The approximate number of shirts needed are listed with the size quilt and pricing.  If you don't have enough t-shirts for the size you would like, we can add borders to make the quilt a little larger.  Please contact me to discuss the border and pricing.

Tidy them up!

Please wash your t-shirts with scent free detergents and/or fabric softener.  Stains on t-shirts will be included if they are close to the graphic.  If you would like the stain to be removed, please note that it will be cut out and I will use a different piece of the t-shirt to replace that fabric.


I generally use a "meander" design on your quilt.  If you would rather have something different, please let me know!

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