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Austin's T-shirt Quilt

Austin is a huge baseball kind of guy. He played from the time he was itty bitty all the way through high school. There were school leagues and club leagues. Austin did it all, including a trip to the Grand Slam World Series of Baseball.

We took many of his t-shirts, several of the club dry-fit shirts and even a jersey that held a lot of meaning. Since we used his jersey, I was unable to do my normal edge to edge quilting. Instead, I did custom quilting using both my computerized system for some blocks, and rulers for many of the others.

His jersey had the thick layering of the lettering, and buttons. I outlined the lettering, number and the button closure. I included part of the back so I could include the full yoke of the shirt. Then, I used rulers to create a pinstripe as a background on the jersey.

I loved the different patterns I was able to use on some of the t-shirts that could fit in with the ruler work I did on the other shirts.

I think this was my favorite shirt. I echoed the bottom of the home plate on the shirt for outside the graphic. Then I outlined the logo, and echoed the top of home plate for the interior of the logo. I just outlined the collar to make sure the batting in the quilt stayed put.

On the orange shirt, it is obvious that the vinyl is falling off. For this shirt, I outlined the last name and his number. Then I did horizontal lines to stay in the theme of the ruler work throughout the shirt.

When creating t-shirt quilts in a mosaic form, you will always have a few blocks that you don't have a t-shirt graphic that will fit. In those cases, I will use part of the back of a shirt provided so it fits in with the theme of the rest of the quilt. That is what I did with the pink block above. I used the sleeve of the jersey in the navy block so we could utilize as much of it as possible. My favorite (okay, the whole quilt is a favorite!) is the outlining of the t-shirt numbers. As a quilter, I need to balance design with stabilization of the batting in the quilt. To make sure that the batting in the numbers didn't shift, I did a triple outline on the number. Basically, I outlined all of the white lines. Then added a diagonal stripe for the background.

This t-shirt quilt is outside of the normal price list that is posted on the website due to the custom quilting. If you would like to have custom quilting on your quilt, please contact me for a quote!

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