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Cheaper by the Dozen

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I was so excited to hear from Jennifer about her "Cheaper by the Dozen" quilt that she had made. Jennifer is a referral from her sister, Brenda. I have previously quilted three quilts for Brenda.

I love the colors that Jennifer used on this top! They made the top so cheerful and warm.

We used the pantograph Cake Walk, available at Urban Elementz. Jennifer wanted to have the quilting pop out on the back, so we used the color Mango in a 40 weight thread by Glide threads.

We used the same blue from the backing for the binding. I attached it to the back and folded it over to the top. I used the color Pacific thread in a 40 weight by Glide Thread to machine attach the binding.

It was such a pleasure to quilt for Jennifer! She did a wonderful job piecing her quilt top and I look forward to working with Jennifer again!

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