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Jacob's T-Shirt Quilt

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

My daughter is a competitive swimmer, and has the same coaches all year long. During the summer, her team transitions into a fun summer league. This year, I decided to make t-shirt quilts for her coaches. I worked with Jacob's mom to get his t-shirts so we could surprise him!

I took a class on making these t-shirt quilts. The technique I was taught does not utilize stabilizer for the back of the t-shirts. I was very concerned that there would be issues, but it turned out GREAT!

We used t-shirts from high school, swim teams, and even a work t-shirt! I quilted it using my Quilt Path computerized system in a stipple pattern. I enlarged the pattern to have it look like more of a meander. We used a solid navy for the backing. My goal with the thread was to choose a color that blended in with most of the shirts. I ended up using a light grey on top, and navy on the back.

I LOVE creating these t-shirt quilts without the stabilizer on the shirts. This quilt is so soft and cuddly! Jacob loved getting this quilt. He spent time looking at the shirts and remembering the shirt and the experiences it brought back.

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